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Colgate products are no longer covered under the HUSKY Program
This letter is intended to inform you that Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a subsidiary of the Colgate-Palmolive Company ("Colgate") recently provided the Department of Social Services Pharmacy Program with notice that it has voluntarily terminated its participation in the Connecticut Medicaid Program.

Before prescribing a product, all providers are encouraged check and verify that the product is covered under the rebate status by going to The Connecticut Medical Assistance Program website, and under the word "Caring for Connecticut" select "Provider" and then from the drop down list choose "Drug Search". Enter the National Drug Code (NDC) or information in any of the relevant fields and click on the "search" button and the list will populate with the covered pharmaceuticals. The Medicaid rebate information is contained. Because there is a possibility that a product's rebate may change on a daily basis, all prescribers must verify the NDCs associated with the product name from the list described.

If all of the NDCs under the product name have the rebate indicator as then that product will not be covered under the Medicaid program, so an alternative product should be prescribed for the patient. If an NDC shows that a product is "currently eligible for rebate" and the product does not have an end-date, then the NDC verified product will be available to your patients who are enrolled in the Medicaid program. Because the dispenser (Dentist or Pharmacy) MUST use the NDC that is being dispensed, a list of payable NDCs are not provided. The above list is provided only as a reference for items that are made by Colgate Pharmaceuticals.

News & Updates > Details