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Saliva has cavity-causing bacteria, says response to pacifier study


Licking a pacifier can put the cavity-causing bacteria from parents to children - increasing tooth decay as they grow.

ADA issued a statement on May 6th.  It was in response to a study in a journal. The study "does not provide the full picture that adult saliva may also contain bacteria that causes decay," says ADA.

Sharing eating utensils with a baby, or the parent sucking on a pacifier to clean it, can increase decay-causing bacteria.

There are other steps that parents can take to help children have a healthy immune system.  Breast milk is a good. 

ADA says that parents can protect the dental health of young children by promoting a healthy diet. Monitor their intake of food and drink.  Brush their teeth or wipe their gums after meals.  Have infants finish their bedtime or naptime bottle before going to bed.

ADA says that children should receive their first dental visit no later than 12 months of age. For more information, visit ADA's website, MouthHealthy.org.

News & Updates > Details