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Tips for Making a Dental Appointment

The relationship between you and your dentist is an important partnership for good dental and oral health. We want to help make sure each visit goes smoothly and avoid missed appointments. Here are some simple tips that will help you book your appointment easily:

  • When you are ready to schedule an appointment for you or your child, make sure you have your identification number or your child's identification number (on the gray Connect Card, or HUSKY Health card), personal information and a pen and paper ready.

  • Write down and save the name and correct address of the dental office, the date and time of your appointment and the dentist's phone number.

  • When you make the appointment, ask if there is anything the dentist would like you to bring with you.

  • When making the appointment let the office know of any special needs you or your child may have (such as language barriers, special healthcare needs, or physical or emotional disabilities).

By being prepared you help your provider make the appointment with ease and it prevents you having to call back with additional information.

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